The art of carving perfectly mastered by this Canadian chef

KITCHEN – You’re in difficulty when it comes to cutting vegetables with a knife. In this case theare videosstrangely satisfying“ by this Canadian chef are for you.

Wallace Wong cuts all kinds of food into wafer-thin strips just a few millimeters thick. he goes from vegetables to sweets, cakes and spices, as you can see in our video above.

With the growing success of his videos on TikTok, he is asking subscribers to offer him food to cut for their greatest pleasure. He hasn’t started posting yetThese videos during the pandemic but then went viral with the most popular now exceeding 118 million views.

Wallace Wong, a former contestant on several culinary television shows, is using his newfound notoriety to launch new professional ventures.

A true entrepreneur, he gives cooking classes to individuals and companies. He wrote a cookbook and created a food preparation and delivery service dreamed up by restaurant chefs.

His talents are not limited to cooking as he was also a professional bodybuilder. His slogan “Eat well, be in shape and live well” testifies to the importance of sport in his life.

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