Strengthening the public health system

All Canadians deserve to receive high-quality care, wherever they are, when they need it. That's why we're working with provinces and territories to strengthen our public health system.

Our plan aims to:

shorten waiting times;

respond to immediate pressure;

support for health workers;

improving access to family health and mental health services;

modernize our system.

We are reaching agreements with the various provinces across the country and will continue our efforts to ensure our health care system works for all Canadians.

October 10, 2023

Prince Edward Island

December 19, 2023


December 21, 2023

New Scotland

January 10, 2024


February 9, 2024

While we are providing better health care to the population, Pierre Poilievre is blocking these health transfers. In addition, he made it clear that he would cut investments in vital services that Canadians rely on.

We cannot allow Pierre Poilievre and the conservatives to take us back. Together, let us continue to strengthen the public, universal health care system so that all Canadians receive the care they deserve and need.

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