Stewart Butterfield: “The obsession with not wanting to make mistakes is paralyzing”

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50 YEARS OF DOT. For the entrepreneur, co-creator of Flickr and Slack, don’t hesitate to take the risk of not meeting your goals.

Co-founder of Flickr and Slack

For the entrepreneur who sold Slack’s professional messaging to Salesforce, don’t hesitate to take the risk of not meeting your goals.

LCanadian businessman Stewart Butterfield, 49, grew up in a log cabin in a small village in western Canada before becoming a Silicon Valley figure.

Point : You grew up in a remote area of ​​British Columbia…

Stewart Butterfield: I spent the first five years of my life in a cabin in British Columbia with no access to water or electricity. My parents had arrived there three years ago. My father was from New York, my mother from Montreal. It was a conscious decision on her part, in response to feeling like the world was collapsing. My father wanted to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. The story is made up of cycles, some of which are particularly violent, but there are…

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