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Ever since her first visit as a princess, Queen Elizabeth II had made Canada one of her favorite travel destinations.

Her Golden Jubilee celebrations ended with a trip to Canadian soil, where she returned in 2010 for the 22nd and final time.

During this nine-day visit, the Queen paid tribute to Canada’s development.

“During my lifetime the development of Canada as a nation has been remarkable”She said.

“This vast, rich and diverse country has inspired its people and attracted many others thanks to its adherence to certain values,” she continued. Some are enshrined in law, but I imagine there are just as many that are easy to find in the hearts of ordinary Canadians.”

Her visits drew enthusiastic crowds – with the exception of her visit to Quebec City in 1964. Protesters, mostly students, chanted and chanted their demands for independence while the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, walked the streets. The police charged the demonstrators, did not hesitate to use their batons and arrested 32 people.

The Queen nevertheless continued to visit Canada regularly, and other of her visits were overshadowed by the thorny question of Quebec’s place within the federation.

In 1990, his visit to Ottawa and Hull to mark Canada Day was considered an insult. This visit was to coincide with the ratification of the Meech-Lake Agreement, which required Quebec’s compliance with the new constitution. However, the agreement died a few days before he arrived in the capital, stoking the flame of sovereignty. The Queen nevertheless proceeded with her visit as planned without incident.

“Knowing Canadians well, she said, I cannot believe that after a period of quiet reflection they will not be able to overcome the present difficulties.”

The Queen had timed many of her visits to coincide with major national events such as the World’s Fair and Confederation centenary in 1967, the Montreal Olympics in 1976, the adoption of the Constitution in 1982 and the 125th anniversary of the Confederation in 1982 1992 coincided.

The title of Queen of Canada was bestowed on her by an Act of Parliament in 1953, making her Head of State. However, its powers and all authority belong to the Governor-General.

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