Quebec will lose a seat in the new federal electoral map

The number of seats in the House of Commons will increase from 338 to 342 by 2024 to reflect changes in Canada’s population. Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia will see their seat numbers increase; Quebec is the only province to lose one in this redistribution.

Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault made the announcement via press release on Friday afternoon.

Under Elections Canada’s proposed new seat allocation, British Columbia would have 43; Alberta, 37; Saskatchewan, 14; Manitoba, 14; Ontario, 122; Quebec, 77; New Brunswick, 10; Nova Scotia, 11; Prince Edward Island, 4; Newfoundland and Labrador, 7; Yukon, 1; the Northwest Territories, 1; and Nunavut, 1.

So it’s one more seat for Ontario, which goes from 121 to 122 seats, and for British Columbia, which goes from 42 to 43 seats. Alberta is entitled to three more seats (from 34 to 37). Quebec, which currently has 78 seats, will lose one seat. The number of seats in Atlantic and the territories remains unchanged.

Under the Canadian Constitution, ridings must be reviewed every ten years after a census to reflect changes in the population. Provinces with increasing populations are granted additional seats. Quebec’s growth is lower than the average for other provinces.

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