Quebec is a 10 month old baby

Are you familiar with the theory of object permanence developed by psychologist Jean Piaget in 1968?

According to this theory, around 18 or 24 months, children learn that the objects around them have an existence of their own.

They used to believe that if you close your eyes, objects (and the world) disappear.

I shut my eyes ? Mama doesn’t exist anymore!

I open them again? She magically comes back to life!

As if the world itself did not exist, as if it were just a projection created by our consciousness.

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Well, Quebec has taken a step backwards.

We now react like 10-month-old babies. Take what happens to the PQ and the PLQ.

Why are these two parties in danger of disappearing from the map on October 3rd?

Because they are “old”, as Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says?

Of course not.

They are in danger of disappearing because they are both closely linked to the national question.

The PQ advocates independence to “settle the national question once and for all”. And the PLQ is a Batman of sorts, protecting the people of Gotham from the terrifying threats of the Separatist Joker.

Both stick together thanks to the underlying national question.

Take away the national question and these two parties fall to the ground.

The first is like a fireman without a fire.

And the second, like a policeman without a thief.


Well, I don’t know why, but Quebecers have acted in recent years as if they’ve decided that the national question no longer exists.

go! Fly up!

We are like a 10 month old baby…

We believe that the national question is gone because we closed our eyes.

Supreme Court Risks Voiding Law 21?


Montreal is being anglicized because Quebec doesn’t have full immigration authority?


These are problems that happen. And which have absolutely nothing to do with the national question.

After all, Quebec is “somewhere else,” as our government says.

Even former Sovereignists like Caroline St-Hilaire and Bernard Drainville are “elsewhere”!

“Eh? The national question? Do as we do, close your eyes, match CAQ and it will magically disappear! »

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Do you know what they say about politics?

Just because you don’t care about politics doesn’t mean politics doesn’t care about you.

The same applies to the national question.

You say the national question is obsolete?

Well, I have news for you: not only is it not outdated, but it is more present, current and relevant than ever!

For this reason, the PQ (and thus also the PLQ) decreases in the surveys.

Because, as Laurence Fishburne in The Matrixthis party is offering us to take the red pill and see Canada as it is.

While – unfortunately – more and more people want to take the blue pill and continue living in the comforting world of the Teletubbies, where all you have to do is close your eyes and the national question disappears.

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