Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today met European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Prime Minister Trudeau and President von der Leyen discussed Russia’s illegal and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine. They spoke of the importance of maintaining strong unity among allies and continuing to burden Russia with the heavy costs of its invasion of Ukraine. They condemned President Putin’s recent announcements regarding the escalation of aggression and reiterated their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They agreed to continue to consult and mobilize other world leaders, including at the UN General Assembly, to support Ukraine and oppose brutal Russian intervention.

The two leaders discussed the need to meet Europe’s urgent energy needs and agreed to work together to find sustainable solutions including liquefied natural gas, hydrogen and essential minerals. They also agreed to work together to advance clean energy and technology and demonstrate global leadership on climate action to help Canada and the European Union (EU) meet their carbon neutral goals. The Prime Minister and President welcomed the success of the Clean Technology Summit, which took place on September 15-16 and coincided with September 5e Anniversary of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU.

As COP27 approaches, the Prime Minister and President expressed their commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change, including emphasizing the importance of expanding the global reach of carbon pricing. Prime Minister Trudeau and President von der Leyen also agreed on the importance of building on our momentum and achieving ambitious results for biodiversity at COP15, which will take place in Montreal in December.

The Prime Minister and President stressed the tremendous opportunities to strengthen Canada-EU supply chains and agreed on the need to further strengthen trade and investment ties to help create quality jobs and economic prosperity, particularly through the consolidation of ties between companies and CETA.

The two leaders agreed to reschedule President von der Leyen’s visit to Canada as soon as possible in order to continue their close cooperation.

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