Presidents Cup: eternal construction

With the curtain falling on this edition of the Presidents Cup in Quail Hollow, we can start thinking about the future of this competition. Given the storm the world of professional golf has been going through for the past six months, we suspect team tournaments will continue to suffer from the exodus of golfers being pumped by the Saudi league.

Because a ceasefire is not in sight for the next few months. No more than a truce or the burial of the hatchet.

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It’s important to remember that six deserters who came to LIV Golf filed a class action lawsuit against their former colleagues on the PGA Tour.

She is not expected to appear in court until the fall of next year.

At the same time, the American and European Ryde Cup teams continue to move forward.

The current format of the Presidents Cup, modified in 2015, should not be revised.

Despite the many ideas put forward this week to improve the formula, women’s entry into the competition is not among the plans, according to LPGA Commissioner Mollie Marcoux Samaan.

Although shaken in recent months, the structure of the international team is optimistic about the future. En route to the 2019 edition in Australia, Captain Ernie Els had laid the foundation and established the formation’s identity. The shield-shaped logo aims to bring together all nations outside of Europe to compete against the United States.

In 2022, Captain Trevor Immelman continued the three-year tradition. And the next captain, very likely Mike Weir, will do the same in Montreal in 2024.

develop a culture

“Ernie had his way of putting the team together. And I applied my way. Ernie has worked to improve the structure of this team to ensure that golfers growing up around the world will one day attempt to break through our roster to achieve their goals,” explained Immelman, whose men are seven this year countries represented.

“We’re starting to see the results of this organic transformation,” he continued. We need to keep building our team culture where these guys from all over the world are excited to play in this tournament,” he added.

However, fear of the power of these formations keeps surfacing. How do you put together a lineup to stand your ground against the mighty Americans?

Since 2009, they have officiated 18 of the 21 sessions leading up to the singles finals. The Internationals’ only lead was at Royal Melbourne in 2019.

Best Showdown

The identification process for this training begins well before the qualification phase. To facilitate better unity and create team chemistry, the leaders identify more than twenty golfers with the potential to break alignment.

“We must constantly push our boundaries through innovation. We’re regrouping these guys as soon as possible to prepare not only for the next competition but also for future tournaments. You need to understand the philosophy, identity and functioning of the team. That way they are better prepared,” explained the current captain.

The fact remains, however, that without an official rehearsal, the internationals are quickly thrown into the wolf’s mouth. The American identity has been forged for a very long time. This year’s list consists of seven golfers who participated in the overwhelming Ryder Cup victory 12 months ago.

Although they have had to deal with several last-minute obstacles this year and are on the right track, the Internationals need to use their creativity to be ready for the next competitions. In doing so, they would secure a better future for the event, which takes place every two years.

Stars are born

The Internationals didn’t have their best game ever at Quail Hollow. However, in a true struggle for identity, many stars were born.

Tom Kim, the star of the third day of competition, KH Lee and Cam Davis stood out by widening many eyes around the world.

According to veteran Adam Scott, who made his 10th appearance at the Presidents Cup tournament, these are the heart and core of future rosters. At 20, Kim will experience many of these moments over the next decade if he can maintain his professional pace. The same goes for Davis, 27 years old.

“They are the future of our team because they proved this week that they have the skills and the power to get through this stage,” said Scott. These kinds of experiences will also drive them to achieve great things in their respective careers.”

“If you can stand out like you did at the end of the duel against this American team, you can win big tournaments,” he continued.

Still young

This year, the Internationals formed the youngest team in their history at this competition. The mean age remained at 28.8 years.

“I am confident that each of them will work hard to participate in the next edition,” added Scott.

The international team will continue to add experience to their team of leaders to mentor young people. KJ Choi, for example, provided his compatriots with extensive support and advice in his capacity as assistant captain. Mike Weir did the same with the Canadians.

A growing episode

Looking ahead to the next editions, we can see that the talent pool is huge. Several Asian golfers found success in the 2022 season of the Korn Ferry Tour, the antechamber of the PGA.

Notable absentees this year will surely want to relive their moments on the fairways at Royal Montreal in 2024. Looking further afield, Captain Trevor Immelman noted the Internationals’ fine performances in the junior edition of the tournament.

“We see that several countries have worked together by putting a lot of energy at the grassroots level of the sport. We see talent breaking through in the world elite, analyzed the South African Immelman. We are on the right path.

“This competition allows us to measure ourselves against the best team in the world. It makes young people dream of participating one day.”

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