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Integrating sport into a business can increase the productivity of your teams. However, according to a recent study by CNOSF, only 18% of the 87% of business leaders who understand the importance of developing a sports policy in their organization actually implement it. As a manager, you have a keen interest in hiring the services of a sports coach for your employees.

The company sports trainer, who is this specialist?

The company sports coach is a specialist who supports your employees à la carte with physical activities at work. This professional travels directly to your company to lead the sports sessions you have selected. A coupon company sports coach Offers a Tailored sports support. He has undergone specific training for the practice of APS in a professional environment. He is also familiar with the diverse challenges involved in developing quality of life at work and health at work. This expert fully understands the demands of the professional environment and its limitations.

Why choose a sports coach
in society ?

The services of sports coaches are increasingly in demand in a society. There are many benefits of sessions hosted by corporate wellness professionals.

The company sports coach helps to improve the health and well-being of employees

Due to their diverse professional commitments, employees usually do not have enough time to do sports. Therefore, this solution will surely help them in that maintain the minimum level of activity recommended for good health. The trainer is responsible for creating a program with them according to their availability.

Exercising has been proven time and time again to significantly improve health. Regular exercise is very effective at prevent cardiovascular diseases, chronic or even degenerative. In addition, it is an effective tool to combat overweight and obesity. Employees who do sports at work also state that they feel better and are less exposed to everyday stress.

A productivity boost

Happy and healthy employees are always more productive. Improving their well-being makes it possible Significantly reduce absenteeism, as well as the organizational problems and the resulting costs. According to a study conducted by Health Canada, an employee who exercises 30 minutes a day is, on average, 9% more productive. Another study conducted by Goodwill shows that companies that implement a sports policy achieve savings of 5 to 7% on average.

How to choose your personal trainer
in society ?

To benefit from a quality service for your employees, you must first choose a qualified professional. Beyond the sometimes flattering content of the CV, the presence of credentials is usually a guarantee of quality. However, the name of the sports pedagogue diploma changes over time. The former state certificate is now the BPJEPS. In addition, it is better to opt for an insured coach. The latter must have at least professional liability insurance. It covers your employees in the event of accidents that may occur during the movement units organized in your company.

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