No other Canadians left Gaza on Wednesday, Global Affairs says

The ministry confirmed in a statement late Wednesday that the Rafah border post was closed and “no foreigners were able to cross the border.”

According to Global Affairs, the Canadian Embassy in Cairo is providing consular assistance, food, shelter and basic needs to the 75 people who were able to cross the border on Tuesday.

The Rafah border crossing, the only exit for foreigners, was closed on Wednesday for “security reasons,” a US State Department spokesman said at a news conference earlier this year.

Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Foreign Minister Rob Oliphant told reporters earlier Wednesday he expects more Canadians will be able to cross the border.

“We are doing everything we can to get them out as quickly as possible,” Mr. Oliphant said, adding that the Canadian government was working with Egypt, Israel and Qatar.

However, he mentioned that Canada has no control over who can leave and when.

Global Affairs reiterated that the situation remains “volatile and unpredictable” and that Canadians should expect “significant delays and closures without notice at the Rafah border crossing.”

More and more Canadians are on the list to leave Gaza

More people with ties to Canada are on the list of those seeking to leave the Gaza Strip after 75 Canadians, permanent residents and their family members were allowed to enter Egypt on Tuesday.

Wednesday’s document contained 40 names under the heading Canada, Many of them have dual citizenship. Other countries listed include Germany, the Philippines, Ukraine, Romania and the United States.

The Canadian government confirmed that 75 people associated with Canada left the Palestinian territory across the border with Egypt on Tuesday.

On Monday, Global Affairs Canada said in a statement that the Israeli army had assured Canada that more than 400 of its citizens would be able to cross the border in the coming days.

Tuesday’s breakthrough came after Canada told citizens stuck in the Gaza Strip that they may be allowed to travel beyond the weekend.

Anyone leaving the Gaza Strip is allowed to stay in Egypt for a maximum of three days. People connected to Canada receive assistance with housing, food and basic supplies.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised Tuesday that his government would continue to work until all Canadians and their families had left the Gaza Strip.

For his part, Defense Minister Bill Blair has already indicated that the army is not expected to be required to return Canadians who have fled Gaza to Ottawa, as commercial flights are available.

Minister Blair said Canada expects those fleeing Gaza to pay for their own plane tickets, but added that Global Affairs Canada can help them if people are unable to purchase them.

Global Affairs will help those affected make future travel arrangements at their own expense. Financial support in the form of private cash transfers or emergency loans can also be offered to those in need, the ministry announced on Wednesday.

Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly was in Tokyo this week to meet with her G7 colleagues and discuss the situation.

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