Murder of parents: Trevor Farley is to be held in a closed psychiatric hospital

Trevor Robert Farley, a man recently found not criminally responsible for the murders of his parents and the attempted murder of his former boss, will soon be held at a secure psychiatric facility north of Winnipeg, where he will remain indefinitely.

Trevor Robert Farley will be transferred out of prison next week Headingley to a closed unit with 18 beds in the Mental Health Center in Selkirk where he will continue treatment for a mental health disorder, according to information from a Mental Health Review Commission hearing this week in Winnipeg.

In October, a Manitoba Court of King’s Bench judge ruled that Trevor Farley was not criminally responsible for the 2021 murders of his parents, Judy Swain and Stuart Farley, due to a mental disorder, nor for the attempted murder that same day. his former superior Candyce Szkwarek in the hospital Seven oaks.

Both of Trevor Robert Farley’s parents were 73 years old at the time of the incident.

In Canada, a person can be found not criminally responsible if it is proven that mental illness contributed to their inability to understand their actions or know that they had done wrong.

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