Moscow outraged by Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly's comments | War in Ukraine

Russia has summoned a senior Canadian diplomat to Moscow over Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly's thoughts on “regime change.”

According to official media, Moscow summoned Canadian chargé d'affaires Brian Ebel on Monday to inform him that Minister Joly's comments were unacceptable.

Ms Joly said earlier this month that Western sanctions in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine had borne fruit as the world saw repercussions about society and how much we see a possible regime change in Russia.

When The Canadian Press asked Ms. Joly whether Ottawa now wanted regime change in Moscow, she replied that Canada was focused on punishing Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime, not the Russians living under his rule.

Weakened diplomatic relations

Moscow has warned it will further damage diplomatic ties after a collapse in trade and a series of subpoenas from both sides over issues such as the safety of Russian diplomats in Ottawa and the publication of Russian embassy messages on social media aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, came.

Russia also claims that interference in internal affairs violates the 1961 Vienna Convention, which governs diplomatic relations.

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