Modernization | Walmart Canada invests $1 billion

Walmart Canada says it will invest nearly $1 billion this fiscal year in a series of projects aimed at modernizing the retail giant’s presence in Canada.

The expenditure includes more than 300 million for the renovation and renovation of shops.

Some of the chain’s stores are being remodeled to have larger product areas, with a larger assortment of products, more space for employees to prepare customer orders and clearer aisle markings.

Walmart will also open a “Store of the Future” in Mississauga, Ontario, where customers will find electronic products that are normally stored in boxes but arranged in open displays, encouraging interaction.

Even in electronics, customers can see product availability in real time, scan a QR code to place an order and benefit from immediate on-site delivery by a colleague.

The site will be completed by a health center that will bring together the pharmacy, vision center and Walmart clinic.

These changes are part of a five-year transformation Walmart Canada announced in July 2020 that aims to overhaul its store infrastructure and customer experience with $3.5 billion in improvements.

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