Mental health mentors in the schools of the District scolaire francophone Sud

Mental health mentors are now part of the staff of francophone schools in the District scolaire francophone Sud (DSFS). You will work with other mental health professionals to support and better equip students who feel the need.

According to Marie-Josée Lagacé, Head of Learning Support Services at DSFS, this need has existed for a number of years.

More and more students are showing behaviors or some signs of anxiety, a little stress, so these people will come and help us to support and better equip our students in terms of their mental health and well-being. »

A quote from

Marie-Josée Lagacé, Director of Learning Support Services, DSFS

This concept already exists in some New Brunswick high schools. From the beginning of the school year, mental health mentors will be present in primary schools. We want to concentrate on prevention and then ensure continuity of these offers from kindergarten to 12th grade.

The mental health mentoring project is also present in the other French schools in the province.

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