Madawaska Entrepreneur Finalist in Canadian Competition

Vicki Wallace-Godbout is one of 21 finalists for the 2022 RBC Canadian Entrepreneurship Awards.

Presented by Women of Influence – which over the past 28 years has grown into one of North America’s leading organizations providing solutions for gender equality and the advancement of women in the workplace – the competition aims to nationally recognize “the Canadian “Entrepreneurs of exception” in a variety of fields.

“The RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurship Awards honor female entrepreneurs across Canada who are recognized for their significant contribution to the vitality of the local, Canadian or global economy. The awards are presented to businesswomen and nonprofit executives from Canada’s three major regions: East, Central and West.

This is the 30th annual presentation of these awards, taking place on November 23rd.

The 21 finalists are in different categories. In the case of Ms. Wallace-Godbout, she represents Eastern Canada in the Excellence category, which aims to highlight an entrepreneur’s work in the country over many years.

Note that more than 10,000 applications were submitted. Applicants must have a detailed application folder. The applications were then evaluated by a jury of renowned business leaders and subjected to a review process carried out by the law firm KPMG.

The main prospect was obviously surprised to receive such an honor, but had to keep it a secret for a few weeks before the official announcement.

“I think my nomination came from my bank in Edmundston, so it was a surprise to hear that. I couldn’t believe I was a finalist for an award like this, but it really is an honour.”

“Whether I win the award or not, just being recognized on the national stage is something I never dreamed of. I was very happy about this news.”

Ms. Wallace-Godbout, who is also a member of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, is a co-owner of several businesses in Edmundston and Moncton, including Truck Stop+.

She didn’t want to forget the support of her business partners, starting with her life and business partner Marco Godbout.

“Every company owes its success to the entire team and the customers who support us.”

In her opinion, such an appointment can have a positive impact, especially on the position of women in business.

“It is certain that such an appointment will affect economic development by making the business environment more attractive to women. It’s important that we recognize women across the country.”

“For me, there is more motivation to keep going in the business world.”

This is just the beginning for Vicki Wallace-Godbout, who confirms that she and Marco Godbout continue to work on starting new businesses.

“As an entrepreneur, you always have to be innovative and dare to do many things.”

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