Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley speak to community leaders in Alberta

Hundreds of mayors have met over the past three days to discuss various topics.

Rachel Notley took the stage on Friday morning and delivered a campaign speech.

The NDP opposition leader specifically underscored her intentions to tackle the opioid crisis, build affordable housing, take action to help Albertans deal with inflation, not replace the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and review the funding formula to to ensure better sharing with local authorities on matters that directly affect them.

In her opinion, the various cities could then benefit better from the current prosperity of the provincial coffers.

During Question Time, Rachel Notley stressed the importance to the provincial government take his responsibility and from tackle problems well to prevent the country from evading its responsibilities at the expense of the communities.

As an example, she mentioned the province’s role in reducing crime through poverty alleviation and investment in affordable housing.

For his part, Jason Kenney mainly took stock of his years as Premier of Alberta.

When I first spoke to you three years ago, Alberta was in a bad statehe said. Today, Alberta is a leader in economic growth, job growth, population growth, inter-provincial migration and diversification.

The Prime Minister who will be replaced on October 6th (New window)She took the opportunity to joke around a bit. I have nothing left to losehe joked after making the audience laugh.

According to Andre Chabot, Calgary Councilman for Ward 10, the presentation was by Jason Kenney enormously.

I felt he represented the government and its responsibilities well and the benefits we have in our province.

I could say it’s one of the best presentations I’ve seen from him. »

A quote from André Chabot, Councilman for Ward 10 in Calgary

Jason Kenney then said how important it is for communities to find solutions and not complaints if they want to defend their interests against the province.

Come up with solutions and I think any sane government will listen to them. »

A quote from Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

questions to the ministers

At a discussion table, the various representatives had the opportunity to ask the state ministers questions.

Twelve ministers were present, including Health Secretary Jason Copping, Justice Secretary and Attorney General Tyler Shandro, and Labor and Immigration Secretary Kaycee Madu.

The latter answered, among other things, questions about the problems in the health system, especially in rural areas, and questions about immigration, especially the arrival of large numbers of Ukrainian refugees.

According to André Chabot, the most important thing about this event is that the provincial government saw that the municipalities are united and that their demands affect all Albertans. I think this has been well explained and acknowledged by ministershe says.

During a press conference, Cathy Heron, President of the Association of Urban Municipalities of Alberta, recalled that communities want the province to listen more.

Government must remember that local governments are properly elected and that although we are not recognized in the Constitution we are an elected body of government and there must be a partnership with communitiesShe says.

We hear the provincial government in Ottawa complain about not being recognized as a full partner, and sometimes we feel the same way. »

A quote from Cathy Heron, President, Association of Urban Municipalities of Alberta

With information from Marc-Antoine Leblanc

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