Jake Allen isn’t too worried about the seven-game losing streak he’s currently enduring. “I’ve seen everything in this league”

Jake Allen has nothing to blame himself for in this meeting. He blocked 30 of the 32 shots he faced. Nevertheless, he had to accept his seventh defeat in a row.

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In fact, the veteran hasn’t tasted victory since October, the month he won the Molson Cup.

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“I’m coping well with this reality. I feel like I had a good game tonight. Yes, in that phase there were games where I was just OK, but there were nights where I had good games without getting a result. “Tonight it’s one of those games,” the New Brunswick native explained at the end of the game.

During this sequence, the Canadian’s teammates rarely offered him a comfortable cushion. They scored 14 goals, an average of two per game.

An inexperienced goalkeeper would probably have nightmares, but the veteran has enough experience to stay calm.

“I have seen everything in this league, believe me. I once went on a streak of 10 games where my team scored 11 goals,” Allen said. Scoring goals is not my job. But I have full confidence in these guys that they will put the puck in the net. »

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Few goals in the first

Regardless of what the individual thinks, these teammates realize that they could provide them with a better work environment.

“He was fantastic tonight, as he has been since the beginning of the season,” Jake Evans said. We don’t score enough points for him. Not to mention that there were nights where we didn’t defend ourselves well enough from him. »

“Every time he is in the net we try to do our best. Sometimes we come up short. Hopefully we can find a way to change the situation,” added the one who moved the ropes for the second time this season.

Obviously, the Habs would increase their chances of success if they managed to hit the target more regularly in the first third. Martin St-Louis’ team is in last place in the table with just 14 goals in the first third.

A 15 minute low

The Canadian still got off to a good start last night. At times he led with nine to three shots on goal.

“We lacked implementation. We started well but lost momentum for about fifteen minutes. At that moment we had to defend ourselves a lot,” said St-Louis.

And how! In those 15 minutes, the Habs only managed one shot on goal. Nevertheless, he was in the game until the end of the game.

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