Israel and Hamas at war | According to Ottawa, 32 more Canadians have left the Gaza Strip

(Ottawa) An additional 32 Canadians were able to leave the Gaza Strip for Egypt on Thursday after the key Rafah border crossing reopened, according to Global Affairs Canada.

According to the federal agency, 40 Canadians were originally on the list of people allowed to transit through Rafah.

The key border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt remained closed Thursday as hundreds of people linked to Canada waited to find out if – and when – they could flee the besieged Palestinian territory.

Global Affairs Canada continues to warn nationals to expect “significant delays and closures without notice at the Rafah border crossing.”

On Tuesday, 75 Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their family members became the first people associated with Canada to leave the territory since the war between Israel and Hamas began a month ago.

Global Affairs Canada said Canadian officials in Egypt remain ready to welcome those leaving the territory and help them enter Cairo.

Those coming from Gaza are allowed to stay in Egypt for up to three days, and the Canadian government will provide them with housing and basic needs during this time.

Global Affairs Canada says nine Canadians are known to have crossed the border thanks to a third party.

The federal agency also confirms that it has so far helped 65 Canadian citizens leave the West Bank by land.

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