“Hughes would have liked to welcome Kane” – Pat Brisson

Have the Montreal Canadiens made an offer to Patrick Kane? Pat Brisson didn’t want to reveal this information in an interview with JiC on Wednesday, but reading between the lines, we understand that this wasn’t really an option due to payroll.

The CH would not have had enough space to include in its mass the contract that Kane signed with the Detroit Red Wings. And even for the “Wings” it was close.

“Every team in the National League is interested in Patrick,” emphasized Brisson. If I had said to Kent Hughes, “Pat is interested in coming to Montreal,” I’m sure he would have been happy to welcome her. Several teams were glued to the ceiling.

In such a situation, money was no longer a priority for Kane.

We agreed to 2.75 million with the Red Wings to give them another million in cap space at the trade deadline. […] “Also, Kane was familiar with Alex DeBrincat, which was a factor,” explained Brisson, who said he has had conversations with a variety of teams in recent days, including three in particular.

The decision was not easy for Kane.

“It was a very difficult decision for Patrick,” Brisson said.

I’m not worried about Caufield

The most influential agent in hockey was asked about the start of the season for his client Cole Caufield, who has piled up his share of points but has scored few goals so far this season, just six in 21 games.

“I’m not worried about Cole Caufield,” he said. We can see at the moment that he could be on his way to 26 goals [plutôt 23, NDLR]but I wouldn’t be surprised if he scored 36 or 40 points.”

Watch the full interview with Pat Brisson in the video above.

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