Foreign Student Work: Canada Makes Changes

Labor shortages are not a new phenomenon in Canada. Recently, however, this country has had increasing difficulties in meeting the labor needs that are affecting most of its structures.

To meet this need, Canada has participated in a number of programs and facilities that allow foreign workers to settle and practice on Canadian soil. Against this background, the IRCC has previously announced new measures that will allow the protection of foreign workers.

But that’s not all. Canada has also decided to make permanent residency easier for healthcare professionals, including doctors. In addition, on October 7th, the Canadian government decided to allow foreign students, including Algerians, to contribute to the fight against staff shortages in that country.

Temporary lifting of working time restrictions for international students in Canada

To help employers overcome their hiring difficulties, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced on October 7 a message about foreign students in his country. This includes in particular the lifting of the non-university working time limit for the latter.

From November 15, 2022 and until the end of next year, namely December 31, foreign students will be allowed to work more than 20 hours per week off-campus during one session. Affected by this change:

  • Foreign students whose study permit has already been granted;
  • Individuals who hold a study permit but have not yet arrived in Canada;
  • Students who applied for a study permit before October 7 but are awaiting approval.

A pilot project to process applications for study permits in Canada

This change will not only allow foreign students, including Algerians, to get more experience. But also to increase the availability of foreign workers, reports the IRCC on its official website.

In addition, Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada announced the upcoming launch of a pilot project. The latter aims to automate the processing of applications for the extension of study permits for foreign students.

In fact, this pilot aims to improve customer service. In particular through faster processing of applications for study permits. Such a project will also make it possible to reduce response times. And allow the various agents to focus on more complex cases.

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