Fill the gap in a “daunting” healthcare system

They also argue for the need for “minimal pan-Canadian health workforce data” and funding for strategies “to address workload and improve work-life balance for our health care workers.”

Christine Kouri, Health and Diversity Equity Manager at CHEO, confirms that there “should be a pan-Canadian solution as health is currently a provincial responsibility. And even within the country, it is very difficult for newcomers to find work in this field.

Christine Kouri recalls that in many cases newcomers will multiply applications in several provinces to have the best chance of being accepted. However, the challenge of claiming their foreign diploma remains if the states do not have the same requirements for assessing diplomas.

Christine Kouri, Health and Diversity Equity Manager at CHEO. Photo: Inès Lombardo, Francopresse

Even more difficult for French-speaking immigrants

For Roukya Abdi-Aden, National Advisory Manager in the Income and Tourism Sector at the Economic Development and Employability Network (RDEE Canada), “we need to ensure that this announcement has implications for the recognition of prior learning”.

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Roukya Abdi-Aden.

“We get competent people, but they don’t work. And for French speakers, there’s the language barrier, which makes it even more difficult to find a job,” she says.

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