Employees at a Starbucks in Quebec are organizing a union

Baristas and coffee servers at a Starbucks in Saguenay are now unionized, a first in the province. The Administrative Labor Court granted its accreditation following an application submitted in July.

“As is often the case with multibillion-dollar multinational corporations, anti-union practices are almost part of Starbucks’ brand identity,” Caroline Senneville, president of the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), said in a press release. This company is notorious for its determination to prevent its workers around the world from asserting their rights and even their freedom of expression! Today’s victory therefore extends far beyond Quebec and Canada. Chicoutimi employees no longer face their employer alone, they can now count on the strength of their 330,000 supportive comrades across the country! »

In an interview, MMe Senneville said she was aware of the fact that Starbucks “was not an employer that was very interested in having unions in its operations.” “But we expect the employer to respect the law,” she said, adding that she hoped other companies would also organize unions.

The Saguenay Starbucks employs around thirty people. You will now be part of the Catering Employees Union-CSN.

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