Elon Musk or the myth of the miracle of technology

Matthieu Dugal draws a parallel between Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and an old theory that technology brings all solutions, “technological solution”. The host of search engine thinks that “the relation to myths, to heroes, to religion” is still very present in our societies today. The will to find a technological solution is also “a very cultivated tendency in Silicon Valley”, as he emphasizes.

[…] With the acquisition of Twitter […] Elon Musk positions himself as a mediator between great scientific discoveries and everyday life, and [agit comme s’il allait] solve many problems. »

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Matthew Dugal

But the will to find a technological solution doesn’t work miracles, the host recalls. For example, according to Matthieu Dugal, the electric car will not prevent urban sprawl. Or freeing Twitter from all rules won’t necessarily improve democracy.

[Libérer Twitter de toute règle] does not widen the spectrum of opinion; it limits it because it is the tyrants who take control. »

A quote from

Matthew Dugal

For his part, the journalist Alain Crevier analyzes our relationship to miracles and how it has evolved over time.

He also returns to the various studies that have been made about the sacred shroud that represents the face of Christ and how science can lead us to question our beliefs.

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