Electric vehicle: Flo will work with the oil company L’Impériale

Quebec electric vehicle (EV) charging station maker Flo announced Thursday a collaboration with Alberta oil company L’Impériale to expand its electric vehicle charging network across Canada.

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The agreement between the two companies includes the joint development of a charging service offering for dealers of Imperial’s Esso and Mobil brands, as well as a credit transfer agreement under the Clean Fuel Regulations.

“Our collaboration with Imperial is remarkable. It brings together two key players in Canada’s energy sector and helps meet Canada’s carbon neutrality goals by 2050,” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO, in a news release on Thursday.

“Most importantly, the agreement generates financial benefits that allow FLO to expand the deployment of its electric vehicle charging stations, helping us achieve our goal of transforming the future of mobility in Canada,” he added.

Jon Wetmore, Imperial’s Vice President of Downstream, said the collaboration “complements Imperial’s other efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the goal to produce and deliver cleaner fuels, next-generation resource recovery technologies and carbon capture.”

FLO has more than 70,000 fast and level 2 charging stations installed in public, private and residential locations across North America.

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