Dominique Ducharme claims to have held talks to find a job

On August 29, 2022, the Canadians are slowly but surely preparing to play 82 games in 2022-2023. And the fans are preparing for the fact that CH will lose more than it wins.

Dominique Ducharme, he’s not preparing. For the first time in a long time he is unemployed. He is therefore spending time recovering from his layoff, a career first for him.

He’s been relatively discreet over the past few months. We saw him at Guy Lafleur’s funeral, he spoke at his golf tournament and he gave an interview (in writing) to The Athletic, but other than that we didn’t really see him.

But lately he’s been talking a little more. He’s been on the radio a few times (on 91.9 Sports in the summer, recently on 98.5) and now this morning, He visited Jean-Charles Lajoie at the BPM Sports studio.

We remember that Ducharme is still adjusting to his new reality. He’s making time to get back into hockey work, but under the conditions that are right for him.

In his eyes, it’s not about a return to junior level (which he doesn’t think he needs to study for now), but he’s not worried about the future.

I’ll be back, don’t worry. —Dominique Ducharme

He claims to have had discussions about it for various roles. But as we can deduce, he obviously wasn’t having a good one fit for him in interviews since he is still at home.

As a reminder, he will receive $3.4 million from CH over the next two years. He has the luxury of being able to wait for the right offer.

Ducharme, a college friend of Martin St-Louis, recalled offering him a 2021 a work as an assistant, but due to his family situation he had turned down the offer.

But then we found out this morning that not only was St. Louis shortlisted, he was his first choice. Trevor Letowski, who is now a good St. Louis ally, was therefore Ducharme’s plan B, but in his eyes a good chance of promotion to the NHL.

Incidentally, St-Louis does not want the latter. Because anyone who talks to each other from time to time (especially when they changed behind the bank last February) is still a friend.

And Ducharme knows that if St-Louis hadn’t taken the job, someone else would have gotten it instead.


– He will be under pressure.

– We erase and start again in Toronto.

– Alex Kovalev’s son will play in Canada this year. [AN]

– Much luck.

– Quiet?

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