Cross Canada by bike: successful challenge for Bruno Drouin

TO GO BIKING. From July 4th to August 23rd, Bruno Drouin from Saint-Georges took on a great challenge: crossing Canada from Vancouver to Montreal by bike. He managed the 5,300 km without any major pitfalls.

“The weather didn’t affect me, but it didn’t affect everyone. We’ve had a heavy hailstorm, otherwise we’ve had some rain but no downpours for a long period of time,” says the Beauceron from Frampton.

“I had quite an adventure, it was really great. In life, one should not be afraid to dream. Sometimes you underestimate yourself, but with determination and preparation you can achieve great things,” he adds.

Bruno Drouin has cycled 5,300 km in the last few weeks.

Crossing Canada, the Beaucevillois pedaled on six days out of seven, covering distances of between 120 and 200 km a day. Every night he was put up in a hotel. No changes were made to the original itinerary.

In total, the 18 participants aged between 42 and 69 all completed the course. Of all this, a man was his second experience. For his part, Mr Drouin pedaled with three other cyclists during this fifty-day journey. This was the fourth edition of this great sporting challenge.

“In two years I would like to do a similar challenge again, but leave Montreal and go to Newfoundland. I could say that I really cycled across Canada. That would be half the length of the course between Vancouver and Montreal,” says Beauceron.

Help for a good cause

During his trip, Bruno Drouin also set a goal of raising $5,000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada because of his friendliness with this chronic autoimmune disease that targets the central nervous system.

As of August 25, the 61-year-old had raised just over $2,100. It is always possible to contribute to the cause you have chosen by visiting the website My challenge to end MS and search for the name Bruno Drouin.

“I put a start number, but even if I harvest less, I will not be disappointed. Raising money for a good cause is just a bonus. I made a last minute decision to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada,” concludes Mr. Drouin.

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