Construction in flood zones: Quebec revises its map

The Quebec government will revise the special intervention zone (ZIS) map, which provoked strong reactions in communities affected by floods last spring.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing prepared this map in June as part of the project aimed in particular at establishing a moratorium on the construction and reconstruction of buildings in all mapped flood zones from 0 to 20 years and on the in 2017 and 2019 to impose on the flooded area.

However, many citizens and mayors, including those of Gatineau and Fort-Coulonge, believe that the map determining the ZISdoesn’t hold.

It’s like they took away all the wet spots. That’s a problem because there are all sorts of perfectly legitimate projects that aren’t even remotely in flood plains that end up on the mapdenounced Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, mayor of Gatineau.

He regrets that provincial officials did not communicate with their municipal counterparts before identifying flood zones in Gatineau and changing the map.

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