China posts G7 statement on Taiwan to Canada

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng called on Jim Nickel, chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Canada in China, to make solemn statements and vigorously protest the negative statement by G7 foreign ministers and the EU High Representative on Taiwan’s foreign and security policy.

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“China strongly condemns G7 statement that confuses good and evil”announced Xie Feng, adding that Nancy Pelosi was visiting Taiwan “seriously violated the one-China principle and the three joint Sino-US communiques, seriously damaged the political basis of Sino-US relations, seriously violated China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and seriously undermined cross-strait peace and stability “.

He said Washington has repeatedly challenged China’s red line, undermining China’s core interests and escalating tensions. For Xie Feng, the United States is solely responsible for the current situation and should take full responsibility for it.

Moreover, Washington initiated the provocations while China was forced to act in self-defense, which is legal and reasonable, the deputy minister said, noting that the G7 urged the Chinese side to exercise restraint rather than the United States to take responsibility. “It’s a blatant logic of thieves”he said.

Xie Feng said the G7 wantonly violated international law and fundamental norms governing international relations, which focus on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and flagrantly violated the one-China principle enshrined in Resolution 2758 of the UN General Assembly, adopted by 181 countries and widely observed by the international community.

“China is determined to uphold its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to thwart foreign interference in its internal affairs”said the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, adding “Any attempt to cooperate with or support the separatist Taiwan independence forces was doomed to failure.”

That’s what the deputy minister said “The G7 was not in a position to represent the international community and should not stand up against the 1.4 billion Chinese, the vast majority of the world’s countries and the international judiciary.”

China urges Canada to immediately correct its mistakes, stick to the facts, stop engaging in bloc confrontations and stop its wrong actions on the Taiwan issue. Otherwise, the Canadian side would have to bear all the consequences, the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister concluded.

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