CF Montreal meets the Whitecaps, but this time in the Canadian Championship final

Just one win away from winning the Voyageurs Cup, CF Montreal doesn’t need any extra motivation. However, his last visit to Vancouver is still fresh in his memory.

The Montrealers traveled to British Columbia for Wednesday night’s Canadian Championship finals match against the Whitecaps and the stakes are high.

The bleu-blanc-noir has the ability to bring home the 12e Voyageurs Cup in its history and could secure a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League. At the same time, he also has the chance to avenge the bitter 5-0 defeat against the Whitecapsum April.

“Of course, the feeling of revenge can help us. We don’t want to go back there and repeat what happened. We also know it’s a final, so we want to get there in a good mood and win the game,” said midfielder Mathieu Choinière.

Things quickly went wrong for CF Montreal in that game. When Samuel Piette tried to regain his support in the fourth minute of the game, he injured himself and was immediately eliminated from the game.

The Whitecaps then took advantage of the Montreal defense by attempting long balls. The strategy finally paid off when Rudy Camacho received a red card in the 23rd minutee Minute. The barriers opened and the home team was leading 5-0 an hour ago.

It took the Montrealers a few games to recover from that loss, but they put on a great winning streak to reach the Canadian Championship final and move up the MLS standings.

“It wasn’t bad until they started playing 11-on-10. Even with a player behind, it was even up to about 40.”e Minute. You learn from every defeat, but in this game in particular there were events that don’t happen often. In the fourth minute you lose your captain and in the 23rd minute you get a red carde ‘ noted head coach Hernan Losada, who expects a very different performance from his men on Wednesday.

CF Montreal are unlikely to be trapped for a second year in a row, but there is still work to be done to triumph.

The Whitecaps have not lost at BC Place since their season opener, scoring 20 of their 26 goals of the season in front of home fans. Last week, Vanni Sartini’s team defeated the Houston Dynamo 6-2 and drew 1-1 with Sporting Kansas City.

On the other hand, the Bleu-blanc-noir have had difficulties finding solutions abroad this season. He has a 1-8-1 record and has been banned seven times from opposing courts.

The Montreal club can still count on defeating Toronto FC at BMO Field in the quarter-finals of the Canadian Championship.

“It’s never easy playing abroad, especially when you have to move west. “We know that the Whitecaps are very good at home,” said goalkeeper Jonathan Sirois. I believe that we don’t necessarily have to change our identity. We have to avoid unprovoked mistakes and perform well defensively. »

“We have already shown that it is possible to win abroad. With good organization, good discipline and a good fighting spirit, anything is possible in this league. “In a game where it’s all or nothing, defensive concentration will be important,” added Losada.

No matter what happens in this final, Losada wants his players to come out of the final stronger and take full advantage of what they will experience. Because yes, that Canadian title is important for CF Montreal, but what comes out of it is just as important.

“I know what it means to take part in a final. I’ve done it as a player and as a coach. Some people will never get the chance to play it. So if you can, you must play like you’re never coming back. It’s something special and we worked very, very hard to experience moments like Wednesday,” emphasized the head coach.

All players and staff traveled to Vancouver. Camacho, who sustained an abdominal injury against DC United, is expected to return to his central defense position against the Whitecaps.

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