Cards of hope for the release of prisoners of conscience

Amnesty International organized its hope card writing marathon again this year. On Saturday, more than 500 letters were written for prisoners of conscience around the world.

These cards were specifically intended for two young volunteer members of a non-governmental organization in Greece, Sarah Mardini and Sean Binder. who face 25 years in prison for helping endangered migrants off the coast of Lesbos.

The co-coordinator of the local Amnesty International group in Trois-Rivières, Vickie Schnieders, points out that these hope cards have a positive impact on the lives of those detained.

When we go to the Amnesty Congress, we often have testimonies. There’s a gentleman, I don’t remember which country he came from, he told us that they gave him his clothes back with the first bag of cards he got. He was naked in his cell. As he received more cards, the quality of his food improvedsays Ms. Schnieders.

Amnesty International’s goal in 2019 is to send 80,000 Hope Cards from Quebec to approximately 10 people deprived of their freedom.

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