Canadian Strongman Championship: Keven Malenfant-Caron in the major leagues

He earned his spot after finishing as the third strongest man at a contest in Quebec in late July. After rank 15e in Canada last summer he hopes to make a name for himself and get a better position.

“Yes, I’m better than last year, I’ve gained a lot of strength and it’s a good year. We already have three strong men who will be in the top 10 in the world. I’m someone who gives and when I’m there get out, I’ll go more, I’ll do my best, I’ll have fun, and when I get out of the competition I can guarantee you it’s a nasty blonde who’ll heat up the tank.” the friendly burly man explained, laughing .

We can believe it… Also, the championship takes place over three days, so it requires a lot of energy and good rest. Interestingly, Malenfant-Caron and all the other participants will take part in an extraordinary event made popular by legendary strongman Louis Cyr.

“That great back lift by Louis Cyr, if you’ve listened to the film, he’s set up a table with a lot of people, the promoter Jean-François Caron has brought a machine especially for this, it won’t be people, it’ll be weights, and it’ll be the same movement as Being Louis Cyr, for the 10th event, that’s a test that nobody has practiced and we’re going to be lifting 1000 pounds, it’s going to be very, very hard.

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