Canada Day: Technology replaces fireworks

The Canada Day drone and light shows come at just the right time, as many areas of the country are dealing with intense wildfires.

These aircraft project images into the sky that move to the sounds of music.

“The reason it is so popular is because it is new, different and modern. We can reproduce perfect images in the sky,” said Jeff Clarmo, founder and executive chef of North Star – the largest drone and fireworks show company in Canada.

Among the communities that have opted for a fireworks replacement is the town of Wakefield, which typically draws thousands of people to its Canada Day fireworks display. This year, the La Pêche city sector will instead present a drone show, a solution with less impact on neighboring communities, according to the statement Globe and mail.

“Every year after fireworks are set off, there are a number of posts on social media about the loss of animals. People's pets are one thing, but then you start thinking about nature and everything that lives in the surrounding forests and how these big bangs and Wow And pow They scare everything from deer to bears to wolves and foxes,” Carly Wood, Canada Day coordinator in Wakefield, told English-language media.

The City of Winnipeg also chose this option for environmental reasons.

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