Brown predicts an ‘election disaster’ for the CCP if Poilievre becomes leader

If Pierre wins, I would rather continue to serve the community than be part of an election disaster for the Conservative PartyBrown said in an interview with CBC.

He also said he would consider running for the Conservative Party in the federal election if anyone other than Mr Poilievre won.

If any of the other contestants have a chance to win, I will run under their banner.he said.

I will not present myself under the banner of Pierre. It is an electoral disaster and would lose the remaining seats in urban Canada. His extreme approach wouldn’t sell [là d’où je viens].

A possible return to local politics

Mr Brown said he has not yet made a decision to seek re-election as Brampton mayor and there are still two months left in the leadership race.

We still believe we can win the race for the lead [du Parti conservateur]therefore, we are not considering any other options at this timehe said and spoke of himself and his team.

If Mr Brown decides to remain in local politics, he must submit his re-election bid before August 19, a few weeks before the results of the Conservative Party leadership campaign are known.

I’ll check the numbers at the end of the summer.

an approach extreme

Mr Brown did not say why he believes Mr Poilievre’s presence as leader would undermine Conservative voting in the Toronto area. In the past, however, he has denounced Mr Poilievre’s support for the establishment of a whistleblower hotline. barbaric cultural practices.

Mr Brown’s campaign co-chair John Reynolds said the team was confident it could win the party leadership.

According to Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Brown’s team receives calls from many party members who are afraid of Mr. Poilievre’s actions.

He will be killed by the Liberalssaid Mr. Reynolds.

He adds that Conservative Party members are concerned about Mr. Poilievre’s support for cryptocurrencies as well as his testimony about the sacking of the head of the Bank of Canada.

Mr Poilievre has promised to sack Tiff Macklem, the central bank governor, who has accused him of mishandling the fight against inflation. This has been criticized by some, who believe it unfairly politicizes an institution that is inherently bipartisan.

A significant advance

A draft version of the party’s electoral roll, which includes the names and contact details of Conservative Party members eligible to vote in the election campaign for leadership, will be given to each of the candidates on July 4, Rob Batherson announced to the party.

The final version of this list will be published at the end of July.

Preliminary figures suggest Mr Poilievre has a sizeable lead over his opponents.

Mr Poilievre’s team said earlier this month they had sold more than 310,000 new membership cards and their candidate could win the lead in the first round.

Mr. Brown’s team announced that they had sold more than 150,000 memberships.

With information from Hannah Thibedeau, CBC

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