Brendan Gallagher updates on his health status

At the last podcast of Raw Knuckles PodcastChris Nilan welcomed Brendan Gallagher and the two men were able to discuss the number 11’s career and future with the Canadian.

The Canadian’s playing style of the plague often came up again and he didn’t hesitate to tell that in his early days he tore up with the referees who were always on his heels.

At first the judges thought I was always diving because I was always in traffic. Communicating with them was key for me. I know I make their job difficult, but I’ve always been respectful of them and over time they return that respect.

-Brendan Gallagher

Even when asked about its size and the associated challenges, it doesn’t slip away. He doesn’t see it as a handicap. There are things a small player can do that a bigger player cannot. I always admired Martin St-Louis, who was a small player who fought every moment and deserved his success.

Nilan then asked the question everyone asks. Is last season a preview of what awaits you for the rest of your career or was it a difficult season due to injuries?

Last year my body let me down. I had a hip injury, I had jaw surgery, then we had almost no rest in the summer and we couldn’t train normally during the bubble, so after 15 games I felt like I played 70. I couldn’t recover and get back in shape and everything piled up.

This year I’m feeling good, I’ve had time to heal and I’m not worried at all about my physical condition.

-Brendan Gallagher

Will this be the return of Gallagher, the 30-goal scorer? In his opinion, there’s no reason to think he won’t return to his usual level of play.

You can listen to the full interview at the following link.

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