Be patient: Quebec plans health care delays

MONTREAL — While occupancy rates and wait times in emergency rooms in Quebec are already reaching high levels, Quebec is warning that the situation could persist in the coming weeks. In fact, we expect there will be shortages of other first-line options.

In a press release issued Tuesday morning, the Department of Health and Human Services explains the state of play based on the spread of respiratory viruses and the pressure tactics of public sector unions.

In addition to congested emergencies, expect extended delays to 8-1-1 phone services and the First Line Access Counter (GAP).

According to MSSS, services operate in 8-1-1 centers with 60% of their nursing staff.

Due to these circumstances, the MSSS asks for “the cooperation of Quebecers.” Therefore, you must be patient if you want to seek help on the front lines or in an emergency room.

On this issue, the Ministry emphasizes that about 50% of patients presenting to the emergency department are considered priority 4 or 5 cases, that is, they do not require real emergency care. Emergency.

We encourage these individuals to prioritize other services, including 8-1-1, and to be patient. It is also possible to consult your GP if you are registered with a GP group.

It is also possible to make an appointment at a clinic through the Rendez-vous santé Québec, Clic Santé or Bonjour Santé platforms.

We also recommend that you consult your pharmacist who can give you specific advice.

Regarding the measures taken by Quebec to limit the impact on services, a “coordination team” is said to have been set up to “ensure the smooth running of operations” during strike episodes.

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