Arrested diplomat owed $45,000 Canadian – Jeune Afrique

The decision of the Housing Administration Court, received by Radio-Canada on the evening of August 8th, points out that Oumou Kalsoum Sall was convicted on June 2 of ‘unpaid rent’ and ‘compensation for home damage’. “The furniture is full of cockroaches. The furniture is worn and scratched. It’s missing. Everything is dirty,” the document states, adding that four pest treatments failed to get rid of these pests. last. We also learn that “the flooring in the basement is soaked through and there is mold on the basement walls.”


Violent arrest of a Senegalese diplomat: as Ottawa tries to calm down Dakar

That verdict surfaced after the Senegalese Foreign Ministry denounced the arrest of its associate on August 5, citing a “racist” act that was violent and committed despite the “diplomatic status of the victim and the inviolability of his home.” Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland responded by denouncing “acts of brutality” during a news conference on August 9 […] unacceptable”.

Ongoing investigation

Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly also indicated on the same day that she had met with her Senegalese counterpart and assured him that the Canadian government was “waiting[ait] I look forward to a “full investigation” into the matter. On August 6, the government of Quebec – the province where the incident occurred announced the opening of a police investigation by Quebec police following “a police operation that raises questions”.

Police in Gatineau, a Québec suburb of Canada’s capital Ottawa, on the evening of August 5 recognized the altercation that took place when a bailiff “with an order to be executed” requested the assistance of law enforcement officers. Police said they faced “an aggressive and uncooperative person”. “A female police officer was hit in the face and injured,” a statement said, and “the police have therefore decided to proceed with the arrest” of the diplomat. But she “resisted” and “bited a second police officer”. At “no” point in time, the diplomat “did not mention that he was injured or in pain,” stresses the police, who, however, without further details, acknowledge that an ambulance was dispatched a few minutes ago more late.

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