All of them, and especially Primeau, lack offensive support

The Montreal Canadiens are 28th in the NHL with 73 goals scored since the start of the season.

This statistic has a direct impact on goalkeepers. Of the three, Jake Allen and Cayden Primeau are the ones who can count on the least offensive support. Especially Primeau.

Of the 66 goaltenders who have played at least six games, Samuel Montembeault ranks 48th with an average of 2.78 goals scored by his teammates. Allen (2.42) and Primeau (2.10) rank 58th and 63rd, respectively.

“Allen really wants to win, but he needs offensive input to get there. Primeau is worse. He has a much better record than Allen, but 2.1 goals per game is very little,” emphasized Renaud Lavoie in his column on the “JiC” show on TVA Sports on Monday.

“In his last game in Buffalo, the team only scored two goals, but Primeau was great. I said on Friday that it was a very important game for him going forward. From the way he played, I can tell he’s starting to learn and move up the ladder. That means if you have another Samuel Montembeault in your organization, keep him and don’t trade him.”

See the full excerpt in the video above. Dangerous actions that are on the rise in the Bettman scene are also discussed.

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