A CCNB Bathurst graduate at the Canadian Trades and Technology Olympiad

Nicholas Frigault, a graduate of the Automated Systems Electromechanics program at CCNB-Bathurst, will represent New Brunswick at the upcoming Canadian Trades and Technology Olympics.

The event will take place May 25-28 at the Vancouver Convention Center in British Columbia.

The 23-year-old will compete with participants from other federal states at the Industrial Control Event.

The test as such consists in ensuring the proper functioning of an industrial beer brewing installation, ensuring, among other things, the control of the temperatures and the activities of the pumps.

The competitions will take place over two days, May 26th and 27th, and should last approximately 12 hours.

More than 300 attendees are expected in Vancouver, in addition to 200 attending the event virtually.

There are 45 competitions in total, divided into six sectors: construction, employment, information technology, manufacturing and engineering, services and transport.

As with the Olympics, there will be a professionally produced Opening and Closing Ceremony.

Organized by Skills/Compétences Canada, this event is the only national multi-skill and technology competition for students and trainees in the country.

“I’m hoping to get on the podium but I’m lacking a bit of preparation time,” said the Olympian from Tetagouche-Sud.

His teacher, John Roussy, says he has complete confidence in his student.

“Nicholas is the kind of student who can easily find solutions to any problem,” said the CCNB Bathurst professor.

As a clear sign of the young man’s talent in his field of study, the JD Irving company has already guaranteed him a permanent position at its facilities in Saint-Léonard in Bas-Madawaska.

The CCNB graduate will start his career this summer, after a three-week internship, he will soon graduate from NB Power.

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