A Canadian Sportbike Champion from Victoriaville

Victoriavillois Paul Étienne Courtois was crowned Sportbike Champion. This win allows him to make the leap to the pros.

The driver from the region cemented his title at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park circuit in the Toronto area. It is the culmination of all his efforts. “I’m happy and relieved that everything went well. I knew I could win the championship. So I drove one race after the other. I’ve put so many hours and effort into getting there over the last three years,” he confessed. In this competition, the Victoriavillois Martin Richard achieved his first podium of his career with a third place.

Like the vast majority of riders, Courtois doesn’t make a living from sportbikes. It is the passion that serves as the fuel for his engine. “There is only one driver who makes a living from it. I’m a full-time electrical mechanic, so I do this for passion. I don’t have a team when I show up at my races. I do everything with my girlfriend. »

With his triumph, the Victoriavillois will now face the pros next season. However, this action does not only bring benefits. “I used to joke that if I made the leap to the pros I would quit. Still, it doesn’t give me the taste for a great victory like the one I got. Funding is essential and it’s really not obvious. I’m still too competitive to settle for being behind the peloton so I’ll make the most of what I have. »

He somehow tries to get sponsors to pursue his passion. The 28-year-old pilot even created his channel youtube where he posts the best moments of his races to attract attention. He also invites interested companies to contact him at [email protected]. “I will compete with pilots who have practically infinite amounts of money. I hope that my current sponsors will support me as they have in recent years. I also hope that my Canadian Champion title can give me more visibility and credibility in the sportbike world. I want to pursue my passion, but I need the means to do it,” Courtois said.

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