WWE returns to Montreal with two big events

For several years, wrestling fans have been calling for a big event in Montreal, and in 2024 their wishes will be granted.

In fact, WWE has confirmed that it will return to Montreal on Saturday, February 18, 2023 with the presentation of a Premium Live Eventor excretion chamber.

Additionally, WWE will present one of their two signature shows, SmackDown, live from the Bell Center the day before, on Friday, February 17th.

Two big shows will be presented on two evenings in the metropolis.

Montreal fans have something to do with it

It really is the last Canadian tour, combined with the over-the-top crowd from Montreal’s SmackDown, that will have made this comeback possible.

In the amphitheater you could feel the fans burning on August 19th. But this euphoria was also noticeable on television, as several fans and journalists commented on social media.

“All I’m asking is that every audience in WWE has the same energy as that in Montreal. It is,” wrote journalist Sean Ross Sapp.

“It was a searing crowd, one of the best of the year in terms of response for television,” wrote Dave Meltzer for his part.

The last Canadian tour brought several sales records in many cities. Specifically, the Bell Center show was the highest-grossing SmackDown presented in Montreal since the company presented its first SmackDown there in 2001.

A first for 14 years

The last PLE (formerly called PPV) presented in Montreal dates back to 2009, with Breaking Point, an event that has not gone down in history. The situation will certainly be different this time with Elimination Chamber, the last major event on the road to WrestleMania. The winners of the two themed matches usually have a big title match at the biggest show of the year on the WWE calendar a few weeks later.

Last year, Bianca Belair and Brock Lesnar deserved this chance. The whole thing will be broadcast on the WWE channel. A colorful event awaits us.

Laval loses his event

Although WWE has previously presented two two-night events at the Bell Center, Raw and SmackDown, this is the first time they have presented a combination of SmackDown and PLE there. With everything taking place over a weekend, expect fans to come from all over Quebec.

Ticket sales will start next month. Combo tickets (SmackDown and Elimination Chamber) go on sale first on November 18th. Then ticket sales for both events will start on December 2nd.

Consequently, the event, which was scheduled for December 29th at the Place Bell in Laval, is canceled as WWE wants to ensure they maximize their chances of filling the Bell Center twice a few weeks later. To my knowledge, those who bought tickets during one of the pre-sales can be refunded.

In addition to last August’s SmackDown, WWE also came to Laval in March and Quebec City in August with non-televised events. These events will also have contributed to the announcement of the day.

This is excellent news for both wrestling fans and WWE fans and you can rest assured that TVA Sports will be at the forefront to give you all the information and coverage of both of these events.

See you at the Bell Center on February 17th and 18th.

It’s a date!

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