When Montembeault declines an invitation from Swayman

Brendan Gallagher received two good blocks from Jeremy Swayman after touching the Bruins goalie in the third period. If he had seen Gallagher’s face up close, Swayman would have liked to see that of the goaltender at the other end of the ice, Samuel Montembeault.

“I saw him waving at me,” Montembeault said. He wanted me to go, but I didn’t want to. I told Martin (St. Louis) that I don’t hit hard enough anyway. I think the defeat will hurt him even more.”

“I raised my arms to show him I was there,” Swayman admitted in an interview with his colleague Jonathan Bernier and the other Boston scribes. But nothing happened, there’s no point in talking about it.”

At the center of this argument, Brendan Gallagher refused to reveal the contents of his conversation with the masked Bruins man.

“If I had to sum it up, I would say I told him he wasn’t right,” Gallagher replied, smiling. But you can read all the details in my biography, which will be published in ten years!”

Aside from that declined invitation, Montembeault had a strong game with 25 saves.

“We beat the Bruins on a Saturday night and the Alouettes won to get to the Gray Cup. It was truly a great day for Montreal fans.”

Montembeault watched parts of the late afternoon Alouettes game while eating a bowl of oatmeal. A recipe for success for number 35.

Guhle’s courage

Kaiden Guhle first discovered the rivalry with the Bruins. He was injured at the end of the season and had not yet played against the Massachusetts team. He organized himself not to forget that first meeting, with a winning goal in overtime, an assist for Gallagher’s goal, five blocked shots and a record of +2.

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“I’m even happier with the blocked shots, we had to implement this three-on-five game,” said Guhle. I wasn’t the only one blocking shots, Kovy (Kovacevic) did the same.

Guhle once again showed his courage by putting himself in the line of fire of David Pastrnak, one of the NHL’s top scorers.

“Is it scary? Yes and no, he replied. It hurts even more when you see the puck in the back of the net.”

“He’s been playing like this since he made the jump to the NHL last year,” Gallagher added of Guhle. He is an important defender for us. He played a whole match. When you look into the locker room before a game, you know that you can count on him, no matter who the opposing team is.”

Good old Gallagher

Still deployed on the right wing of the third line alongside Sean Monahan and Tanner Pearson, Gallagher gives the feel of a player who is completely reborn this season. After 14 games he now has five goals and eight points.

“It’s great to see him play like that,” Guhle said. Gally (Gallagher) has had a difficult season with injuries. He’s healthy and having fun on the ice.”

“Since the beginning of the year, Gally has looked a lot like the player we have seen here in Montreal for a long time,” St-Louis added. He is doing well physically and mentally. The NHL is not an easy league, it’s hard to play when you’re not at 100%. I’m happy about his success in the goalscoring list. But at Gally there are many things that cannot be read on a scorecard.

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