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Canada’s Conservative Party is clearly not having any luck when it comes to crowning its new leaders. In 2020, Erin O’Toole’s performance was delayed until the early hours due to a technical mess.

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This time it is the death of Elizabeth II that overshadows Saturday night’s event, although we have thought of postponing it. Mourning requires, we will do so in sobriety, with a tribute to the Queen rather than a shower of confetti as the winner takes the stage.

No matter who wins, it is to be hoped that they can realign the party to its true values ​​and put aside country-damaging populism.

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) plays an important role on the Canadian political spectrum, where other parties have shifted to the left. If Justin Trudeau’s minority government can stay in the driving seat, it will be thanks to a deal with the New Democrats sitting in the passenger seat.

They have prevailed for seven months as the Tories have been busy fighting each other since their former leader Erin O’Toole was ousted in February. Some even predict the breakup of the party at the end of the race.

But as the return to Parliament in Ottawa begins, Conservative troops could instead focus on defending issues traditionally their own.

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The healthcare system is in disarray across Canada. The pandemic has laid bare all of its shortcomings, which will only worsen as the population ages. It’s time to think differently, to be innovative and to take different paths. Conservatives could fuel the debate by discussing the relevance of private health care without questioning free health care.

While Justin Trudeau doesn’t even deign to negotiate the increase in health transfers demanded by the provinces, the less centralizing Conservatives could also throw in their two cents.

In addition, the pandemic has also damaged our public finances. It was only natural that Ottawa would pull out the checkbook to help the population at the height of the lockdown. However, it is doubtful that he continued to press the accelerator pedal while the economy on the bike had already started up again. Again, one would expect Conservatives to preach more fiscal discipline.

Your counterweight is essential in Parliament. We need conservatives. real! “Tories” as in the pure Canadian tradition. No Trumpists who will lead the country down a dangerous path.

Unfortunately, many candidates in the race for leadership of the CCP are swimming in this current.

Anti-abortion activist Leslyn Lewis has fueled fears about childhood vaccinations. She went so far as to make connections between vaccinations and Nazi scientific experiments during World War II. Make your hair stand on end!

Roman Baber, a former Ontario provincial MP, isn’t so committed to his place in the category of those objecting to sanitation measures that he was kicked out by Premier Doug Ford.

But it was the actions of Pierre Poilievre, a trucker ally and great leader of the race, that stood out. True to his reputation as the pit bull of the House of Commons, he bluntly attacked Canadian institutions.

After praising Bitcoin, which lost two-thirds of its value in less than a year, he slammed at the Bank of Canada, calling its boss a “financial illiterate” and threatening to shut the door.

Such a gesture would seriously undermine our country’s credibility. Central banks must remain able to act. Countries where politicians interfere in monetary policy usually end up with even higher inflation. Only go see Turkey.

On his hunt for the “elites”, Pierre Poilievre also fired red bullets at the Davos Economic Forum, which brings together decision-makers from business and politics from all over the world in Switzerland every year.

His message resonated widely in the “complosphere,” where a theory is circulating that the summit’s founder is building a new world order anchored in the health dictatorship. This is all ridiculous!

It only fuels the now unrestrained anger and fury of a segment of the population. Agree, we can no longer ignore this popular grumble. We must maintain dialogue without accepting unacceptable behavior. But the least we can do is make politicians part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We will not advance the country by dividing the population. The people are not better served by the destruction of our institutions. You have to go back to the middle to find common ground. Building bridges instead of igniting powder.

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