War in Ukraine | Canadian-Russian dual nationals at risk of conscription

(Ottawa) Canadians in Russia who have dual citizenship should leave the country as they face possible conscription.

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Melanie Marchese

Melanie Marchese
The press

Because dual citizenship is not legally recognized in Russia, a Canadian-Russian citizen could be forced to “comply with certain legal obligations, including military service,” the Canadian government notes on its travel advice website.

“You risk being detained, imprisoned or heavily fined if you try to avoid military service,” the same website continues, which has advised it since March 5 “all travel” to Russia to avoid – the highest warning level.

Citing the “impact of the armed conflict with Ukraine, including reduced availability of air services and restrictions on financial transactions,” Ottawa recommends that Canadians in Russia “depart now while business opportunities are still available.”

Russians have been fleeing the country en masse since President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists. Corresponding New York TimesFaced with the prospect of finding themselves on the battlefield, some 200,000 Russians preferred exile, particularly in Georgia and Kazakhstan.

The Kremlin on Thursday announced its intention to annex the four territories where citizens supported the Russian regime on Friday. The legitimacy of the consultations, which took place in a repressive context, is disputed by the West.

In Ottawa, the House of Commons passed a motion to signal that the results of these referendums would “never” be accepted. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland argued that the word “referendum” should not be used to refer to the vote as it was more of a “sham”.

Global Affairs Canada on Thursday did not say how many dual citizens might currently be on Russian territory.

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