Uber Technologies launches new homework service in the US and Canada – November 14, 2023 at 5:38 p.m.

Uber Technologies, Inc. develops and operates technology applications that support a variety of offerings on its platform. The company connects consumers with transportation service providers, retailers and food delivery services, and public transportation networks. The segments include mobility, delivery and freight. Mobility refers to products that connect consumers with mobility drivers who provide rides in various vehicles such as cars, rickshaws, motorcycles, minibuses or taxis. Mobility also includes activities related to its financial partnership offerings. The delivery offering allows consumers to search and discover local restaurants, order a meal and have it picked up at the restaurant or delivered, and also includes delivery offerings for groceries, liquor and convenience stores, and other goods in certain markets. The freight segment connects carriers and shippers on its platform, provides carriers with an advance and allows them to book a shipment.

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