Twelve foreign ministers condemn the repression in the country

The death of Mahsa Amini last September was the starting point for numerous demonstrations that were bloodily suppressed by the Tehran regime.

The position is strong and symbolic. Twelve foreign ministers, led by Canada’s Mélanie Joly and including Catherine Colonna, on Wednesday jointly condemned the violent crackdown on pro-women’s rights protests in Iran that have been going on for 40 days.

“As foreign ministers, we feel obliged to echo the voices of Iranian women,” say ministers from Albania, Andorra, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Kosovo, Libya, Liechtenstein, New Zealand and Norway in a joint statement.


The 12 leaders express their “solidarity with the courageous Iranian women who are exercising their right to peaceful assembly and defending their basic rights.”

Ministers also condemned the “violent use” of Iran’s headscarf law and “the ongoing crackdown on protesters” that has left at least 141 people dead, including children, according to a new report released on Tuesday by the NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR ) was published), based in Oslo.

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman of Kurdish origin, died September 16, three days after she was arrested in Tehran by morality police who accused her of violating the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code, including imposing the veil for women.

His death sparked a wave of protests that are continuing across Iran. Young women and schoolgirls went to the front, many bareheaded, burning their veils and defying the security forces.

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