TVA cuts: A meeting between the union and Quebecor canceled?

At least that’s what the branch of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) says in a press release issued Monday and sent to its members.

CUPE calls Mr. Péladeau’s decision “extremely regrettable” and plans to meet quickly with Quebecor’s CEO to “save as many jobs as possible.”

The union assures that it does not want to wage a “management-union war” with Quebecor.

“Everyone must row in the same direction to save TVA as a flagship of culture and journalism in Quebec,” it said.

Following Quebecor’s announcement that it would cut more than 500 jobs, CUPE said it would analyze the legal content of this decision.

“We won’t allow that. We will not give up,” said TVA Employees Union Counsel Me Steve Bargoné, who called Thursday, Nov. 2, an “extremely dark” day.

According to Me Bargoné, the major restructuring will not respect clauses of the collective agreement, leading to the end of internal production of entertainment content and the centralization of the broadcasting of regional news in Quebec.

In connection with these declarations, CUPE says it has received an important communication from the employer confirming that it will henceforth respect the wording of the collective agreement and “the conditions of the severance payments provided for therein”.

The union would also like to hold a general meeting as soon as possible.

At this time, the union and the employer have not responded to Noovo Info’s request for comment.

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