Toronto, the most visited city on a world tour; Montreal is 8th

On the podium we also find London, where 83% of world tours stopped. Chicago and Houston tied for 3rd place with 80.9%. Montreal is the only other Canadian city included in the ranking; It is ranked 8th, tied with New York and Barcelona.

According to the study, 40 world tours with the most popular artists have taken place in Toronto since 2015. Its proximity to the United States makes it an easy international stopover for artists appreciates Radical Storage.

The Queen City is also popular with artists due to its impressive infrastructure such as the Rogers Center and the Scotiabank Arena.

To achieve this result, Radical Storage investigated (new window) 707 concert dates from 21 of music’s biggest artists with world tour plans to see which cities they have visited, canceled concerts or are planning to visit in 2024indicates the website of the platform.

Artists were selected based on Spotify listening rankings and had to have toured the world since 2015.

After numerous concert cancellations due to the war in Ukraine, no Russian city appears in the ranking.

If Toronto is the big winner in this ranking, Athens is the loser: 2.1% of world trips taken into account stopped in the Greek capital.

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