This Kings defender is about to have a special moment

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Jordan Spence will have a very special moment during the exhibition games against the Arizona Coyotes on September 23rd and 24th.

Those born in Australia have the opportunity to play a game in their home country, which takes place at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

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“Obviously we’re going there for training camp and I need to be focused, but at the same time I plan on enjoying it when we have some free time,” said Spence, whose words were reported Friday by

Spence was born in Manly, a suburb of Sydney, and the family moved to Japan when he was one and a half years old.

He began playing hockey in Osaka before moving to Cornwall, Prince Edward Island as a teenager. Furthermore, his mother is from Japan while his father is Canadian.

The defender also holds Japanese and Canadian passports. However, he wore the colors of the maple leaf in international competitions.

It was out of the question for his parents not to be present at this event.

“I think they are more excited because they have lived there for a long time and have friends that they can reconnect with when they are there and come to watch the game,” emphasized the 22-year-old Hintermann.

This is the second time the former Moncton Wildcats and Val-d’Or Foreurs have returned to his home country.

The Kings’ fourth-round pick from the 2019 auction had one assist in six games with the California team last season.

He has 30 duels in the Bettman circuit and has collected nine points, including two goals.

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