“This guy is going to explode soon”

With just five goals in 16 games in 2023-2024, Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield is not scoring at his usual rate.

If we extrapolate that production to an 82-goal season, Caufield would get between 25 and 26 goals, which is below expectations for him, although it’s not necessarily bad.

“I know there are concerns about his health at the moment,” Renaud Lavoie said during the show on Thursday JiC on TVA Sports. We wonder why he isn’t scoring as many points as he has in recent years. It’s not that Cole Caufield doesn’t have any chances to score, on the contrary, he has plenty of them. Unfortunately, what happens in a career is that the little black puck refuses to get behind the goalie.

In fact, Caufield is the Habs player with the team’s best scoring chances ratio for and against when he’s on the ice.

“When Cole Caufield is on the ice, the chances of quality compared to the chances of scoring against him are +39,” Lavoie analyzed. You don’t find that anywhere else among Canadians. Sean Monahan comes closest at +36, followed by Nick Suzuki (+29) and Brendan Gallagher (+22).

“Cole Caufield is where he should be and you just have to have a little bit more luck and this guy will explode soon.”

Watch the video above.

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