These foreign powers that rule Haiti

More and more voices are denouncing the influence of foreign powers on the Haitian government.

In his resignation letter in September, American special envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote stated specifically that the Haitians had done this the opportunity to go their own way, without international influence and without favoring certain candidates for power.

Mr. Foote's criticism echoes that of the Commission for a Haitian Solution to the Crisis, which has been holding hearings in Haiti since the beginning of the year and has included representatives of Haitian political parties, farmers' groups, business, unions, churches, voodoo leaders and women's groups as well as a handful of respected independent voices and three representatives of the Haitian diaspora – one for Canada, one for the United States and one for France.

“What we are saying and what the people on the streets have been saying for more than three years is that Haiti is a sovereign country,” said Monique Clesca, a Haitian activist who is part of the commission. We may have weak institutions. We may have arguments with our neighbors. But we are a sovereign country and we have to decide about our present and future.

And what we want is for the core group not to interfere in our affairsShe adds.

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